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April 18, 2024
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Born Mark Anthony Myrie on the 15th July 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, but better known under his performing name Buju Banton, he is a dancehall, raga and reggae musician, who has released 10 albums so far, including “Mr. Mention” (1992), “`Til Shiloh” (1995), “Unchained Spirit” (2000), “Friends for Life” (2003), and “Before the Dawn” (2010), among others. His career has been active since 1987.

Have you ever wondered how rich Buju Banton is, as of late 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Banton`s net worth is as high as $2 million, an amount earned through his successful career in the music industry.

Buju Banton Net Worth $2 Million

Buju grew up in a poor neighborhood of Kingston, called Salt Lane, with 14 other children born to working class parents. From an early age, Buju would see his favorite artists perform at the dance halls of Denham Town. He took a step forward when he was 12, starting to use the moniker Gargamel, and in 1986 he met producer Robert Ffrench, and just a few months later Buju released his first single entitled “The Ruler”. His net worth was established.

After that his career began to progress, and with the help of Patrick Roberts, Winston Riley and Bunny Lee, recorded his next song, called “Boom Bye Bye”. In 1992 came his debut album, entitled “Stamina Daddy”, following two extremely successful singles “Bogle” and “Love Me Browning”. He also started collaborating with Dave Kelly, who in a great way helped him reach the heights. In 1993 he released his second album, entitled “Mr. Mention, after signing a contract with Penthouse Records, which was quite successful in Jamaica, and which enabled him to sign with the major label, Mercury Records, to help boost his net worth.

His first charted album came out also in 1993, “Voice of Jamaica”, reaching No. 29 on the Top R&B and No. 6 on Reggae Albums charts. He would then often switch record labels; his next album was released through Loos Cannon, entitled “`Til Shiloh” (1995), which reached No. 2 on Top Reggae, and No. 27 on R&B charts, increasing his net worth by a large margin. His fifth album “Inna Heights” topped the Reggae chart, and reached No. 34 on Top Heatseakers. He stayed in the very top with future albums “Unchained Spirit” (2000), No. 2 on Top Reggae albums, “Friends for Life” (2003), No. 3 on the chart, “Too Bad” (2006), No. 6, “Rasta Got Soul” (2009). His latest studio album came out in 2010, entitled “Before the Dawn”, and reached No. 2 on the Top Reggae albums, and for which he received a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album of the Year.

Unfortunately, his career has been on hold ever since, as he was arrested, charged, and sentenced for drug possession, and will come out of jail in 2018.

Regarding his personal life, apart from problems with the law, little is known about Buju in the media, except for the fact that he apparently has 15 children. He owns houses in Jamaica and in Tamarac, Florida.

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