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July 12, 2023
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Beverly Johnson was born on 13 October 1952 in Buffalo, New York State USA. She struck the world scene when she became the first model of African-American descent to appear on the front page of American Vogue magazine in August 1974. After that success, Johnson further pursued her career in modeling, which resulted in an appearance on the cover page of the French edition of Elle magazine in 1975. Although the main source of Johnson`s net worth is modeling, she has also added to her wealth through television shows and series. In 2012 she was a star of “Beverly`s Full House”, aired on Oprah Winfrey Network. She has been in front of the lenses since 1971.

Have you ever wondered how rich Beverly Johnson is? According to sources it is estimated that Beverly Johnson`s net worth is $5 million, an amount mostly gained by her involvement in fashion and modeling, but as well from appearing in numerous TV shows as a guest star; notable ones are “The new Adventures of Superman”, and “Law and Order and “Parent Hood”.

Beverly Johnson Net Worth $5 Million

Johnson was raised in Buffalo, after graduation from Bennet High School, she moved to Boston, where she enrolled North-eastern University to study criminal justice, but her destiny changed when she decided to try herself as a model. She acquired a job with Glamour in 1971, and after that other jobs have been coming easily, including with Vogue and the French edition of Elle as previously mentioned. These events gained her access to expand her modelling career, and enter the fashion industry as well; apparently in those years she changed the way that Americans think of beauty. Of course her net worth benefited considerably.

Beverley’s fame transferred into acting as well, earning her roles in the films “Ashanti” (1979), “The Meteor Man” (1993) and “Crossroads” (2002). Her net worth gained a boost also through a book she published called “Beverly Johnson’s Guide to a Life of Health and Beauty”. These appearances also boosted Beverley’s net worth.

Overall, Johnson’s rich career in modeling includes more than 500 magazine covers, which resulted in her being named by the New York Times as one of the most influential people in fashion in the 20th century. This reputation did her net worth no harm at all.

Regarding Beverley Johnson’s personal life, it is rather interesting but with a few complications. She has two marriages behind her and a daughter, Anansa, from the second marriage. Her first marriage, with Billy Potter, lasted from 1971 to 1974, and the second with Danny Sims from 1977-1979. After this divorce, Johnson lost custody of her daughter, which apparently led to some health issues. Nevertheless, after these problems, she gained custody in 1992, after a mutual agreement between the three of them; allegedly the reason was Sims’ departure to England on business matters.

Beverley’s personal life also includes a lot of charity work, as since the 1980`s she has been an AIDS activist, but some of her charity work incorporates her own health problems too. In 1997 she came forward describing her panic attacks that spanned many years, since her college days. All her work as an active and proud activist was acknowledged worldwide, when President Bill Clinton named her as a goodwill ambassador for fashion in the 1990`s.

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