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April 18, 2024
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“Diesel Brothers” is an American reality television series, that originally aired on Discovery Channel, and follows the daily life of a group of friends from Utah who specialise in fixing and customising pickup trucks.

The show is centred on documenting the intriguing, and often outrageous projects David Sparks and David Kiley undertake at their Utah workshop, following them as they fix and modify a variety of diesel-orientated pickups, monster trucks, and just about any other diesel vehicle conceivable.

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The show aired for the first time on 4 January 2016, but it took the Diesel Brothers quite a long time before they earned their place on our screens. David Sparks, known mononymously as Heavy D, and David Kiley, also known as Diesel Dave, started out fixing all types of vehicles in their Utah workshop, sometimes uploading content of their custom jobs onto YouTube.

One such episode gained the attention of “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”, and following the Diesel Brothers’ interview with Leno, Discovery Channel approached them with an offer to film their own dedicated series.

Of course, Heavy D and Diesel Dave didn’t turn down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and went on to produce a total of six seasons.

In November 2019, Discovery Channel renewed ‘Diesel Brothers’ for a sixth season, and in August 2020 a three-hour special called ‘Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records’ premiered on Discovery, proving just how popular the series had become with petrolhead audiences.


Although the title of the show, and the resemblance with Heavy D and Diesel Dave, might suggest that the chief hosts of the show are related, they are not actually blood-related brothers, though they do consider themselves brothers at heart and in trade.

Despite the popular success of the show, ‘Diesel Brothers’ earned its fair share of controversial difficulties, more specifically with communities who tend to be actively conscious of environmental pollution.

In 2016 the Utah-based group known as the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, sued the diesel brothers during an advocacy run against several of Sparks and Kiley’s projects. Something that the diesel brothers are iconically known for doing, is modifying diesel trucks to produce black smoke, a practice known as ‘rolling coal’, which, as one can predict, would not sit well with communities inclined towards eco-friendliness.

The Utah group added to their claims that the specific type of pollution the diesel brothers are known for, happens to be among the most toxic pollutants, and that none of their projects comply with state law in regard to emission reductions.

In 2018, following a lengthy legal process, a judge from Davis County, Utah, issued an injunction against the diesel brothers which prevented them from doing any further modifications to projects undertaken in their workshop that produces the same black smoke.

In defence, the diesel brothers claimed that they only added the said modifications to trucks designated for off-road use, and didn’t know that it was illegal. However, in March 2020, members of the “Diesel Brothers” cast, along with their associated companies, appeared before a federal judge.

This judge determined that the persons in question, namely David Sparks, Keaton Hoskins and Joshua Stuart, not only violated the Clean Air Act on numerous occasions, but also failed to comply with the previously issued injunction. As a result, the three received a hefty $850,000 fine, which under mitigating circumstances, was reduced far below the maximum allowable amount.

Other than this, “Diesel Brothers” didn’t face any other scandals, and for the past six seasons aired a relatively clean and popular show. Although Heavy D and Diesel Dave, as well as their workshop assistants, spend most of the show’s airtime in front of the camera, their personal lives also gained the interest of their adoring audiences. While their private lives might intrigue some, what most fans remain curious about is their respective love interests.

For as long as the show aired thus far, both Heavy D and Diesel Dave have been in long-term relationships, and have fathered children from their marriages, but the one question the public and fanatics of ‘Diesel Brothers’ keep asking is, who are the ladies behind the bearded reality television stars?

A quick look at Heavy D and Diesel Dave’s Instagram pages, and one can tell that neither of the two appears to be shy about their family lives. With a constant feed of happy family pictures and stories, it’s clear to see that the stars of ‘Diesel Brothers’ are as big on family as they seem to be on all things truck and diesel related.

Who Is Diesel Des?

While information on David ‘Diesel Dave’ Kiley is readily available, his wife remains something of an obscure mystery. According to certain sources, they identified her as Susan Kiley, but closer inspection of her Instagram account revealed that she identifies by a completely different moniker.

It might be that the Kileys attempted to keep her identity private, but considering that her Instagram handle is ‘The Diesel Des’ and openly associates with Diesel Dave, this might not be the case.


As can be found on Instagram, Mrs Kiley goes by the name Deseri and is also known as Diesel Des on her social media, where she happily informs her 60,000 followers that she’s the wife of Diesel Dave, a full-time mom, realtor, and works as an online consultant for Arbonne, a company that sells health-conscious and vegan-friendly food and beauty products.

According to her Arbonne consultant profile, she is known as Deseri Kiley, but for most ‘Diesel Brothers’ fans, she might be hailed as Diesel Des. Her full name seems to be Deseri Lyn, formerly Huskinson, and she originally comes from Idaho.

Born on 13 September 1992, the thirty-year-old mother of three met her future husband in 2015, though the exact circumstances remain obscure. A year later, Kiley and Deseri tied the knot at a private ceremony on 5 July, and have been apparently happily married for the past six years. In 2017 on 12 January, Deseri gave birth to their elder child, a daughter named Saylor Fe, and in September 2018, the couple welcomed their second child, another daughter, Pyper Corinne.

On his social media accounts, David holds his wife in the highest regard, always singing her praises and calling her the most beautiful person in the world. Among his many compliments, Kiley often calls his wife his co-pilot, and says that she has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Kiley also stated that he’s extremely blessed to have met her, and believes he must have done something right to deserve such an angel in his life.

Of course, Deseri feels the same about Diesel Dave, about whom she constantly writes on her Instagram profile, saying that he’s an amazing father to their children, and an equally amazing husband. However, for the most part, the couple have kept their personal lives strictly private, and as such, not all the available information about them can be fully trusted.

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that David and Deseri are happily married, and for the time being seem to enjoy life together, or at least that’s how it seems in the many family pictures that they share on their various social media pages.

Who Is Ashley Sparks?

According to David ‘Heavy D’ Sparks’ Discovery Channel bio, the star from ‘Diesel Brothers’ is a happily married man, and has been with his wife now for nearly 15 years.

As described in the short bio of Heavy D, he met his wife Ashley in 2008 at a church in Utah, and about a year later the couple tied the knot. Unfortunately, very few details can be found on the couple’s history, and the exact dates and circumstances concerning how they met and when they married remain unknown.


It seems as if Ashley intentionally remained out of the public’s eye, and allowed her husband to deal with the fame.

Even her Instagram account appears to be allusive towards revealing too much of her personal life, but from all the pictures she shares, it’s clear to see that Ashley Sparks is married to Heavy D, and absolutely adores her family.

According to her Instagram information, Ashley seems content with being a housewife to her husband David, and a full-time mother to their three children, but information about them is hard to come by, and the only readily available information is their names and the order in which they were born.

Charley, the oldest of David and Ashley’s children, is their daughter, and their youngest are both boys, Williams and Beau – it should be noted that the given names for Sparks’ children might be inaccurate, and.the children’s exact dates of birth are unknown; finding any other info on them proves to be too difficult.

However, according to Instagram posts, it appears that the family likes spending holidays together, travelling all over the States

As far as Ashley and Heavy D’s relationship is concerned, the couple couldn’t appear to be any happier together, and Ashley recently posted a heart-warming message on her Instagram story about her husband, saying that she will always be eternally grateful for finding Sparks, and marrying such a good person is the reason why she continues to strive to become a better person.

Ashley also added that despite Heavy D’s motivational influence on her, he always finds ways to make her feel as if she’s already perfect, and that life with David can only get better in the near future.

Most recently, the couple shared some good news with their social media followers, stating that they have finally decided to begin the construction of their dream home.

Over the past decade, the family relocated to seven houses, seemingly unable to find their forever home. Fortunately, much to Ashley’s appreciation this might have come to an end. According to a post by Ashley, she seems certain that they will create many great memories in their new dream abode.


The Muscle and Red Beard’s Status

Although Joshua ‘Red Beard’ Stuart has been going through an on-off stage from appearing in ‘Diesel Brothers’, he remains a part of the show’s family, and as always a fan favourite.

As such, it should only be expected that Stuart would earn honorary mention, but despite happily bragging about his troupe of four children, Red Beard’s personal life seems to be the most securely hidden of all the ‘Diesel Brothers’ stars.

While little to no information can be found on his wife and children, it’s safe to say that Joshua is still a happily married man and a father of four adorable children.

When asked about his greatest achievement in life, Red Beard gladly admits that the highlight of his life is convincing his beautiful wife to marry him, and of course becoming a dad to four children.

As for Keaton ‘The Muscle’ Hoskins, he seems to be the only member of the ‘Diesel Brothers’ cast who hasn’t had that much success romantically.

The father of two daughters divorced his first wife Jenny, but the details of their separation have been kept quiet. No information can be found or any given reason or dates for Keaton and Jenny’s divorce, but the two remained amicable apparently for the sake of their children.

As of 2020, Keaton reportedly dated Instagram influencer and fitness fanatic Madi Mae, and according to certain reports, the couple became engaged in December of that same year.

However, these reports might be inaccurate, as no wedding bells have been ringing, nor has Hoskins officially confirmed the engagement. Nonetheless, reports suggest that the couple live together in their Utah home, and that Madi has children of her own. It remains unclear whether Keaton is the father, but the couple continues to share photographs of their family on social media, claiming to be happy. So, either way, it seems that The Muscle might be getting ready to settle down once again.

Only a couple of things are certain about the Diesel Brothers, and that is that all of them love trucks and diesel motors, and can brag about having a beautiful lady by their side.

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