Are Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi Still Together? What Happened?

April 18, 2024
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Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are two of the stars of the popular Discovery Channel series “Street Outlaws”, a reality show dedicated to following the lives of several illegal street racing competitors and their daily struggles.

Both Kye and Lizzy are featured on the show as competitors, but even more so as each other’s love interests, despite from time-to-time meeting on the streets to compete in high-octane, thrilling competitions.

With the couple’s romance heating up the screens, and their cars burning rubber in the streets, fans of “Street Outlaws” expressed more and more interest in the couple.

Especially most recently, following the couple’s announcement about becoming engaged, and unfortunately informing their followers about a delay in the wedding plans. Is the couple still engaged, or has something caused their separation? This and many other questions weigh on the minds of their followers, all of which we hope to answer for them.

Who Is Kye Kelly?

Kye is an American reality television personality and famous street racer, best known for his appearance in “Street Outlaws”, in which he’s featured racing his modified 1992 Chevy Camaro nicknamed ‘The Shocker’.

Born on 19 May 1985, in McComb, Mississippi, USA, Kye expressed an interest in racing from a young age, originally competing in dirt bike derbies before making his mark in automotive racing.

Kye began competing in the New Orleans street racing scene, known as Da Pad, at the age of fifteen, quickly earning a reputation on the circuit as ‘the fastest man around’. In 2003, Kye matriculated from South Park Senior High School with a partial scholarship, and began working for a local oil refinery company as a fire watcher.

During his free time, Kye honed his passion for automotive engineering, as well as his street racing skills, until eventually started his own company. Kye owns and operates an automotive workshop in his hometown McComb, called ‘Down South Performance’, with the help of business partner Greg Champagne.


While competing on the New Orleans street racing circuit, and growing his reputation, Kye eventually caught the attention of Justin ‘Big Chief’ Shearer, who searched the New Orleans area for the fastest racer on the streets.

On 10 June 2013, Kelley made his screen debut in ‘Street Outlaws’, competing against several of the show’s big names and chief competitors, namely Daddy Dave, Doc, and of course Big Chief himself.

However, only in 2015 did Kye earn his popularity on the show after defeating another popular racer, Mike Murillo, who used to compete in world championship racing before retiring to the streets.

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Previously, Murillo held the NMCA/NMRA world racing championship a total of fourteen times, and for quite some time remained undefeated on “Street Outlaws”. After emerging victorious in his race against Mike, Kelley not only earned respect on the show, but also walked away with the record as the fastest racer in New Orleans.

Who Is Lizzy Musi?

Elizabeth Musi, known mononymously as Lizzy, is an American professional drag racer, who holds the record as the first female competitor to win the Professional Drag Racer Association Championship.

She is perhaps best known as one of the stars from “Street Outlaws”, but also featured in the street racing drama film “Adrenaline”, and manages an Instagram account on which she acts as a fitness influencer and promotes beauty products that she sells through her personal website.

Born on 1 January 1991, in Carteret, New Jersey, Lizzy began her drag racing career at the age of sixteen, under the guidance of her father, Pat Musi, a former racer who is now a businessman and owner of Pat Musi Racing Engines. Pat inspired Lizzy to chase a career on the racing circuit in defiance of what may have once been a male-dominated sport, and it certainly paid off.

Lizzy made her official drag racing debut driving ‘King Kong 5’, and in 2014 won her first PDRA championship, subsequently earning her the title of ‘Rookie of the Year’, as well as the record of being the first female champion.

Following this, Lizzy began competing in the local New Jersey street racing circuit, and eventually made her debut on “Street Outlaws” after gaining Big Chief’s attention as a top competitor.

Whenever she’s not racing, on the streets or the drag circuit, Lizzy helps out part-time in her father’s workshop, where she continues to display her passion and enthusiasm for motor engineering and sports. Aside from that, Lizzy is also known as Kye’s long-term girlfriend, and as of 2022, his fiancee.


Kye’s Previous Relationship

Before dating the beautiful Lizzy, Kye was previously married to Alisa Mote, a full-time nurse at North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana. Very little information regarding Kye’s relationship with Alisa is readily available, and it’s not known when the couple first met.

However, by 2014, with Kelley’s career as a street racer taking off, the couple had already become engaged, according to sources on 21 March 2014, and the couple tied the knot in August 2015.

On 25 March the following year, Alisa gave birth to their daughter, Kenadeigh Alexa, but before the little one could celebrate her first birthday, the couple separated. However, it should be noted that Kye has been in a relationship with Sarah, with whom Kye shares his firstborn child born on 9 August 2010; very little information can be found on Kelley’s ex-girlfriend, and the only known information regarding Kye’s oldest child is that her name is Haleigh.


According to some rumours, Key’s relationship with Alisa ended on the rocks due to Kelley’s infidelity. Although it was never confirmed by any of the parties involved, it’s believed that Kye’s relationship with his current fiance, Lizzy, began while he was still married to Alisa. After making several appearances together on ‘Street Outlaws’, the rumours went wild suggesting that Kye might be having an affair ran rampant.

Not long after these rumours took flame, Alisa announced her divorce from Kye, finalised in 2017. Barely a couple months later, Kye made his romantic involvement with Lizzy public, making it seem as if the rumours are true, but, neither Alisa nor Kye has spoken publicly about the reason for their separation, so it’s impossible to confirm the allegations of infidelity against Kye.

A Race Down The Aisle

Kye met Lizzy while visiting her dad’s workshop, looking for ways to further modify ‘The Shocker’, and as of 2017, the two began officially dating. The couple shared the news of their budding romance on their social accounts, and eventually made their appearance as a couple in ‘Street Outlaws’.

The couple became engaged in July 2021, after Kye popped the big question during a racing event, and quickly shared their wedding plans on social media with their followers.


According to their initial plans, Kye and Lizzy would have gotten married on 19 November 2022, but due to unforeseen difficulties, it seems the couple postponed the ceremony.

During a December episode of ‘Street Outlaws’, Kye and Lizzy competed against each other in what would be a decisive race to determine who would qualify for an upcoming championship, but unfortunately, it seemed that the pressure of the competition became too much for the couple to handle.

As can be seen in the episode, the couple were caught up in a heated argument following the race, causing rampant rumours of a potential break-up to ignite among their followers.

The race was ultimately won by Lizzy, however, it almost seemed as if Musi, along with her dad, might have resorted to dirty tactics. Before the race, Pat advised Kye that he shouldn’t risk burning out his motor, and assured Kelley that Lizzy would not be competing against him at her full potential. As a result, it seemed as if Kye intentionally held back, and subsequently lost the do-or-die race against his fiancee.

Following the race, Lizzy could be heard saying that this incident might be the end of their relationship, and that she did not want to go over to talk to him because, in her words they ‘turned the sticks on the way it was, if only a little bit’.


Naturally, after(allegedly) playing dirty, anyone would be afraid of their partner’s reaction, especially considering that Kye lost his chance to compete in the championship.

However, before the race, Lizzy received a warning from the organisers that if she did not compete the way she should, it would be a disgrace to the reputation of the sport.

With rumours of their break-up running rampant, the couple took to their social media accounts to assure their fans and followers that they are still dating, and on 28 November shared pictures of their Thanksgiving dinner as they peacefully enjoyed the holiday.

Then on 20 December, Lizzy shared pictures on her Instagram, adding to her story that she and Kye happily enjoyed what would have been their original honeymoon, had the couple tied the knot on the original date, in Antigua. In the photos, the couple shared a cab ride, and later toasted drinks together in what can only be presumed as a happy getaway.

In the meantime, the couple announced that they will not be holding their ceremony on the initial date of 19 November previously mentioned, that they postponed the wedding for now, but didn’t provide any reason. In response to a question posted by a follower on Instagram, Lizzy stated that the new date was moved to 11 November 2023.

Despite the rumours, it seems that for now at least, Kye and Lizzy are still engaged, and might tie the knot later this year. However, only time can tell, but for now, we can debunk the rumours of them splitting.

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