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April 18, 2024
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Apollo Edard Nida was born on 19 November 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia USA, of Italian-American (mother) and African-American (father) descent. He is a businessman who rose to fame from being a part of the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on which he accompanied his wife Phaedra Parks. Apollo is a so-called asset recovery specialist, who has been convicted of fraud and has served five years in jail for receiving stolen goods.

So just how rich is Apollo Nida? The businessman of Atlanta, and a household name in the USA, Apollo has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as in 2015, but stand-by for developments regarding this gentleman.

Apollo Nida Net Worth $400,000

Apollo is also famous for his notoriety as he was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment regarding his fraudulent acts where he was accused of obtaining $3 million worth of false loans and stolen retirement checks. Apollo is also noted for his aggressive involvement in the use of social sites, which has helped him to increase the number of his fans and followers dramatically. He has an impressive number of 73,000 followers on Twitter, a social site. On a recent note, although Apollo was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for identity theft, conspiracy and fraud in 2014, he could have gone to jail for thirty years. The subsequent shortened sentence was because of plea bargaining and his co-operation with federal agents regarding the case. This enabled Apollo to survive in the reality show.

With his differing talents and mind-blowing tactics in business, he went on to become one of the noted businessman of Atlanta, and the fact that he is ethnically African American also means that he went on to get noticed by people in his hometown.

Apollo is currently married to Phaedra Parks who is a successful entertainment lawyer and has been with Apollo since they met via a mutual friend. The couple remains married as of today, and together, they have two sons named Dylan and Ayden Nida. This family of his is featured in the reality show, “The Housewives of Atlanta” which is still airing on television.

Apollo and Phaedra were married in 2009 after dating for quite a time, but just after they tied their knot, their relationship went through a testing perios. All the law related troubles that Apollo has been facing started after their marriage, and Phaedra claims to be kno nothing about all these facts. While there have been some rumours about the couple’s divorce, both of them have denied this and still remain married.

Apollo being a veteran in his area of work has earned a considerable amount of money and the added wealth comes from his appearance in the show, but due to all the feuds and embezzlements, he has been losing a great deal of it, which is why his net worth amounts to less than what it should have been given his success as a businessman. So, while his wife Phaedra’s net worth remains at more than $3 million, Apollo is trying to make peace with his net worth of $400,000 as of today.

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