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December 5, 2023
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Born as Howard Allen Frances O’Brien on 4th October 1941, in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, she is a writer, best known to the world under the pseudonym Anne Rice, who has written and published such books/chronicles as “The Vampire Chronicles” featuring vampire Lestat, “New Tales of the Vampires” which follows the life of Pandora, and “Christ the Lord” in which she speaks about Jesus and his life.

Have you ever wondered how rich Anne Rice is, as of late 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Anne`s net worth is as high as $50 million, earned through her successful career as a writer. So far, her works have sold around 100 million copies, which makes her one of the most popular authors in recent American history.

Anne Rice Net Worth $50 Million

Anne is one of four daughters born to Howard and Katherine Allen O’Brien. One of her sisters is also a writer, Alice Borchardt, who is focused on fantasy and horror fiction. She spent her childhood and early teen years in her hometown, living in her grandmother`s rented home, facing numerous family problems including poverty and her mother`s alcoholism. Nevertheless, Anne stayed strong and found sanctuary in her grandmother, however, she died in 1949. Anne went to St.lphonsus School, which is a Catholic institution. Anne`s mother died when she was 15, and as a result, her father put her and her sisters to St. Joseph’s Academy. Soon after her father remarried and moved the family to Richardson, where Anne went to Richardson High and matriculated in 1959. She enrolled at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, but after a year transferred to North Texas State College, but was forced to drop out since she didn`t have enough money to support her education, and was unable to find a job. Her life then became even more troubled, from living with Dennis Percy and his family to sharing an apartment with Ginny Mathis, who was her friend from Texas Woman`s University. The two worked in the same insurance company and started taking night classes at University of San Francisco. After a short break she continued her education at San Francisco State University, graduating with a BA degree in Political Science in 1964. Anne was subsequently focused on family matters for a few years, but in 1970 she returned to San Francisco State, and two years later received an MA degree in Creative Writing.

Her first novel came out in 1976, entitled “Interview with the Vampire”, which actually began in 1973 as a short story. The book received positive critiques, and as of 2008 had sold more than eight million copies worldwide. The book became the first out of ten in “The Vampire Chronicles”, which features such books as “Vampire Lestat” (1985), “The Queen of the Damned” (1988), “Merrick” (2000), “Blood and Gold” (2001), “Prince Lestat” (2014), and most recently “Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis” (2016), the sales of which have increased Anne`s net worth to a large degree.

The Vampire Chronicles cemented Anne`s place in the gothic genre, however, she has branched out into Christian literature and erotica as well. Her chronicles “Christ the Lord” consists of three books – “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” (2005), “Christ the Lord: Road to Cana” (2008), and “Christ the Lord: The Kingdom of Heaven”, which is yet to be released. Under the pseudonym Anne Rampling, she has published two erotic novels, the first “Exit to Eden” (1985), and second “Belinda”, published in 1986. Furthermore, she has published four more erotic novels under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure. The first book came out in 1983 entitled “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty”, which was followed by “Beauty`s Punishment” (1984), and “Beauty`s Release” in 1985, while the fourth novel came out in 2015 entitle “Beauty`s Kingdom”. All have contributed to her net worth.

Several of her books have now been made into films, including “Interview with the Vampire”, released in 1994, then the sequel “Queen of the Damned” in 2002. “Exit to Eden” has also been made into film, and also a film based on her “Christ the Lord” chronicles, was released in 2016 entitled “The Young Messiah”. These have also increased her net worth.

Regarding her personal life, Anne was married to Stan Rice from 1961 until his death in 2002; the couple had two children, however, her daughter died from leukemia when she was only five years old. However, their second child, Christopher Rice, is also a successful writer, and so far has six best-selling novels.

Anne has had a troubled life which has left marks on her health; she is an insulin-dependent diabetic patient, and has gastric problems. She has faced death several occasions, but has managed to recover each time. She has also had her way with faith, changing from agnosticism to Christianity, and has now declared herself as secular humanist.

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