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April 18, 2024
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Angela Renee Simmons was born on the 18th September 1987, in Saddle River, New Jersey USA. She is a socialite, reality television star, magazine editor as well as a businesswoman. However, she is mostly recognized for her family relations, as her father Joseph Simmons is the founder of the hip hop band Run – D.M.C.. Angela Simmons has been accumulating her net worth being active in the entertainment industry since 2005.

How much is Angela Simmons’s net worth? It has been reported that the overall size of her wealth is now equal to $7.5 million. One of the most important sources of her wealth is the Pastry Footwear Company, as during the year it was launched Angela earned $15 million (in 2007). However, a life of luxury costs. Her assets include the splendid 6,000 square feet residence in Beverly Hills, a brand new BMW 650i and etc.

Angela Simmons Net Worth $7.5 Million

To begin with, she was raised in Saddle River, and was educated at the High School of Fashion Industries. Later, Angela studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology but dropped out after the first year. She worked as the editor of two youth magazines, Angela’s Rundown and Word Up!, which was the first major source of Angela Simmons net worth, although both magazines she edited were cancelled in 2012.

In 2005, Angela debuted on television, starring alongside her family members in the reality television series “Run’s House” (2005–2009), aired on MTV channel and created by Russell Simmons, Sean “Diddy” Combs, John Davies, Stan Lathan and Will Griffin. The show focused on the life of the former rapper Joseph Simmons and his family. Due to the high ratings of the television series, the participation in it added significant sums to the total size of Angela Simmons’ net worth. After the cancellation of the above mentioned series, Angela starred in another MTV reality series, “Daddy’s Girls” (2009) created by Jason A. Carbone and Joseph Simmons. The series chronicled the life of Angela and her sister Vanessa, their business, friends and spare time activities. In addition to this, Angela Simmons was featured in the music video “Shortie Like Mine” (2006) by Bow Wow.

In 2007, Angela together with her sister, Vanessa Simmons, launched the feminine sporty footwear Pastry Footwear as part of Run Athletics. This source has added the biggest sums to the net worth of Angela Simmons, as the business is very profitable one. It should be noted that the sisters expanded their business by launching lines of eyewear and clothing.

Finally, in the personal life of Angela Simmons, she was in relationships with the rapper Bow Wow, skateboarder Terry Kennedy and NFL player Julius Peppers, although, she didn’t find permanent love with the above mentioned partners. Currently, she is dating the wealthy 40-year-old tycoon Knowledge Katti, who comes from Africa. Her boyfriend is known to be the CEO and founder of Kunene Energy, gas and oil production company, which is the main source of Knowledge Katti’s net worth. The rumours were flying that the couple have become engaged, yet they deny this.

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