Andrew Trabass Net Worth

March 1, 2023
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Andrew Trabass was born on 6 December 1989, in Kingston, Jamaica as Andrew Chambers, and is now perhaps best known as a musician and comedy YouTube content creator.

So just how rich is Andrew Trabass as of late 2017? Authoritative sources, have estimated that this Jamaican vlogger’s net worth is over $100,000, accumulated from his over eight years-long career in various entertainment fields.

Andrew Trabass Net Worth $100,000

Andrew moved to the US with his family as a child in 1997. His career started off as a way to have some fun, as he stated, but he decided to create his own brand in June 2009, starting a YouTube channel entitled goonstandup, which was renamed to Trabass TV sometime later. By joining the creative community on YouTube, he was able to post his videos and become better known among its audience. Even though he tried out different projects on entertainment, his Youtube channel remains the number one way he gained fame, with an audience of more than 450,000 subscribers who regularly watch his videos, which he uses as a way to express himself. In 2012, he posted a comedy video entitled ‘’Jamaican Road Rage’’, which remains one of his most viewed videos to this day, with more than 1.9 million views. He continued making more videos throughout the following period, but it is safe to say that his next widely popular video was released in 2013, and entitled ‘’Babysitting My Jamaican Niece’’, which eventually gained more than 2.4 million views and positive feedback with more than 29,000 likes. In 2014, he had another successful sketch, the video ‘’Jamaican Car Alarm’’, created in collaboration with another Youtube content creator, RvssianHCR; all help boost his net worth.

As of today, the mentioned video has been watched more than 736,000 times. In the same manner, he posted notable series of videos entitled ‘’Jamaican Relationship Arguments’’, which had six parts and received positive response from the audience, getting more than 2 million views in total.

When it comes to Andrew’s latest Youtube projects, he created yet another series of videos, ‘’Daddy’s Little Girl’’, which has had four episodes and almost half a million views so far.

Overall, he has uploaded 252 videos in the course of eight years. In addition to his main channel, Trabass has another channel, Trabass TV Vlogs which features the footage of his everyday life and activities and has more than 205,000 followers.

When it comes to other aspects of his career, besides being a Youtuber, Andrew is also the singer who worked on songs such as ‘’Action’’ and ‘’Be Able’’ which he published under the stage name Trabass. He also created two short films, ‘’Loyalty’’ and ‘’Love Triange’’ and made T-Shirt designs he sells to his fans.

To conclude, in all of the previously mentioned videos, he comically represented the differences between Jamaican and American cultures.

In his private life, he married his long time girlfriend, Deanne. Being a Youtube content creator, he is naturally involved in other social media platforms such as Instagram, on which he posts short comedy videos, on which his mother, niece and other family members have featured, and has attracted an army of 500,000 followers.

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