Andrew Silverman Net Worth

February 22, 2023
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Andrew Silverman was born in 1976 in New York City, and is a businessman and real estate developer, best known as the Chief Investment Officer of The Andalex Group, but also of Silver Entertainment and Gaming. Apart from this, he is also recognized as the former husband of Lauren Silverman, an American socialite.

Have you ever wondered how rich Andrew Silverman is? According to sources, it has been estimated that Andrew Silverman’s overall net worth is $225 million, acquired mainly through his long lasting extremely successful real estate career. Since he is still an active businessman, and continues to apply his knowledge and skills to work, his net worth continues to grow.

Andrew Silverman Net Worth $225 Million

Andrew attended the Riverdale School in New York, and later enrolled at and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA degree in Economics. He was introduced to the world of business meetings from an early age, as his father let him attend many of his company’s meetings in order to prepare his son for managing the family business one day. However, his professional career began at Credit Lyonnais, on the trading floor while he was still attending school.

After subsequently making a name for himself in the world of real estate, Andrew Silverman is now a multi-millionaire and a business mogul. He now serves as the Chief Investment Officer at The Andalex Group, the company that Andrew and his younger brother Alex inherited from their father. Andalex was founded in the late ‘80s and specializes in acquisition, development and construction management of all types of properties, with its main offices in New York City’s Park Avenue. The company’s strategic financial structuring is handled by Silverman, including foreign and domestic financial partners, lenders and institutions. Andrew is in charge of overseeing important transactions, leading financial analysis and diligence efforts, while at the same time securing acquisition and construction loan financing. The firm’s portfolio includes over 4.5 million square feet of space which includes 400,000 sqft in Lower Manhattan, Sylvan Corporate Center office complex in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey, and Arris Lofts mid-aughts condo conversion in Long Island, New York City. Moreover, apart from his prominent position at the Andalex Group, Silverman holds the same position at Silver Entertainment and Gaming, a company that focuses on developing casino gaming and resort operations across Latin America, the Caribbean and the US Having in mind he is still actively taking part in the business world, Andrew’s net worth continues to increase as we write.

However, in spite of his undisputed career success and competence, in the recent period Andrew has been in the spotlight due to his marital difficulties. In 2013, it was disclosed that his spouse, Lauren, was having an affair with television celebrity Simon Cowell, and was expecting his child. As the story hit the headlines of all tabloids, Silverman has constantly been talked about too. Andrew and Lauren divorced in 2014, after her adultery was revealed. The pair has one son.

Andrew has a younger brother, Alex, with whom he manages the Andalex Group.

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