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May 5, 2023
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Andre Michael Berto was born on the 7th September 1983, in Winter Haven, Florida, USA, of Haitian descent, and is a professional boxer who has become the welterweight world champion twice, nicknamed The Beast. Andre Berto has been accumulating his net worth fighting professionally since 2004.

How much is the net worth of Andre Berto? It has been announced that the current size of his wealth stands at an estimated $12 million.

Andre Berto Net Worth $12 Million

Berto’s father was professional mixed martial artist who taught martial arts to all his children. Both of Berto siblings, sister Revelina Berto and the brother James Edson Berto are MMA fighters. Having a look at Andre’s amateur career, he won a bronze medal in the welterweight world championship in Bangkok, in 2003. A year later, he failed to qualify for the US Olympic team, so at the Olympic Games, Athens he represented Haiti – the country which his parents came from – but was eliminated in the first round, losing to Frenchman Xavier Noel. Overall, as an amateur he fought over 200 fights.

Since 2004, Andre has been fighting as a professional – until the end of 2006, he fought sixteen winning fights. In February of 2007, he defeated Norberto Bravo by technical knockout in the first round, three months later he defeated Martinus Clay in the seventh round, and in another important battle fought on the 27th July he defeated Cosme Rivera. In his last duel in 2007, David Estrada was defeated by technical knockout in the eleventh round. All these fights added to Andre’s net worth, and his reputation.

In 2008, Berto defeated Michel Trabant and Miguel Angel Rodriguez, winning the championship belt. Following this, he defended his title, decisively winning against Steve Forbes and Luiz Collazo, then in May, he won the fight against Juan Urango. On the 30th January, 2010 he had a fight with Shane Mosley, but withdrew from the duel, as the earthquake in Haiti (12th January, 2010) affected the members of his family. He returned to the ring on the 10th April, 2010, defeating Carlos Quintana by TKO. Of course, every victory has increased the outright size of Andre Berto’s net worth. It must be said that the part of the profit from his boxing has been dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. On the 27th November, 2010 Andre Berto again defended the WBC belt, his opponent was Freddy Hernandez. And Berto defeated him, again by TKO and in the first round. On the 16th April, 2011 Andre suffered the first defeat in the professional ring, his opponent was Victor Ortiz, losing on points and as a consequence the WBC belt. On the 3rd September, 2011 Berto faced IBF champion Jan Zaveck whom he defeated in the fifth round when the ring doctor stopped the fight due to cuts on the face of the Slovenian champion. He then lost two more championship bouts, before defeating Josesito Lopez for the WBA World Welterweight title. However, on the 12th September, 2015 the boxer lost on points to Floyd Mayweather Jr. with three titles at stake, but that is just four defeats in 34 contests – Mayweather is undefeated in 50 fights!

Finally, in the personal life of Andre Berto, he is in a long term relationship with the beauty pageant winner Kia Hampton, Miss Kentucky, USA.

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