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June 5, 2023
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Amanda Bearse was born on the 9th August 1958, in Winter Park, Florida USA, and is an actress, television director and comedian, perhaps best known for playing in the comedy series “Married … with Children” (1987 – 1997) as neighbour Marcy D’Arcy; moreover, Bearse directed 31 episodes of the above mentioned sitcom. She also starred in feature films such as “Fright Night” (1985) and “The Doom Generation” (1995), as well as directing several episodes of the television series “Dharma & Greg” and “MADtv”. Amanda has been active in the entertainment industry since 1982.

How much is the net worth of Amanda Bearse? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the outright size of her wealth is equal of $16 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2016. Films and television are the main sources of Bearse’s fortune.


Amanda Bearse Net Worth $16 Million

To start with, the girl grew up in Atlanta, Georgia; after matriculation from Winter Park High School, Bearse studied English literature and drama at Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York under the guidance of Sanford Meisner. Then, she attended the training for a director at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Meanwhile she worked as an off-Broadway theatre actress.

Concerning her professional career, Bearse received her first major role in the long lived soap opera “All My Children” (1982 – 1984), in which she embodied the character of Amanda Cousins. She also created the role of Marcy Rhoades D’Arcy in the internationally renowned sitcom “Married … With Children” (1987 – 1997) in which she constantly opposed the misanthropic anti-hero, shoe salesman Al Bundy that made his life more difficult. Talking about her roles landed on the big screen, she was a leading lady alongside Roddy McDowall in the horror comedy “Fright Night Watch” (1985) directed by Tom Hollander. Other film appearances include the role of the Soap Opera Actress in the comedy film “Protocol” (1984) directed by Herbert Ross and the role of Nicole Ferret in the sex comedy “Fraternity Vacation” (1985) by James Frawley. She was in the main cast of the dark comedy film “The Doom Generation” (1995) written, produced and directed by Gregg Araki as well as in the television film “Here Come the Munsters” (1995) directed by Robert Ginty. Moreover, she had a guest role in the television series “Hotel” (1986), and she is also known for landing episodic roles in the series “Nikki” (2001), “Drop Dead Diva” (2011) and “Anger Management” (2013). All contributed steadily to her net worth.

In addition to acting, Bearse is one of the few women who have established themselves on television as a director. She has created numerous episodes of “Married…with Children” and other sitcoms like “Jesse” with Christina Applegate, “Dharma & Greg” with Jenna Elfman and “Veronica” with Kirstie Alley. Furthermore, Bearse is known for appearances in “Out There 2”, a stand up comedy with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender comedians.

Finally, in the personal life of the actress and director, she admitted to be lesbian in 1993. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles with two adopted daughters and her longtime partner Carrie Schenken, whom she married in 2010.

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