Alyse Brautigam Net Worth

March 1, 2023
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Alyse Brautigam was born on 21 March 1994, in Connecticut USA, and is perhaps best known as an American vlogger and YouTube content creator and the founder of Raw Alignment.

So just how rich is Alyse Brautigam? Authoritative sources have estimated that Alyse’s net worth is over $100,000, with a large portion of her wealth coming from her career as a video creator on the social media website – YouTube, beginning in 2014.

Alyse Brautigam Net Worth $100,000

Reportedly, she has always enjoyed being a leader and putting together poster board presentations. When it comes to Alyse’s education, having finished high school, she enrolled into the Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, and was taking online courses at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. However, Brautigam decided to drop out after several months, only to movie to Hawaii and found Raw Alignment there in 2014, in hopes of inspiring other people and motivating them to lead healthier lifestyles. She still continued studying nutrition, however, and would become a certified health coach as of 2015. Her previously mentioned channel skyrocketed, gaining over 600,000 followers, and Alyse became famous for posting empowering and inspirational videos in addition to posting videos about what she eats in a day, which drew a lot of attention to her channel, especially as she is a vegan and only eats raw foods.

She has established an intimate relationship with her followers, who often refer to her as ‘the older sister they never had’. Speaking about her, one stated: ‘It’s so refreshing to watch Raw Alignment videos because I always walk away feeling motivated to take action towards my goals’. The previously mentioned organization follows an holistic diet and way of living, which Brautigam promotes using a positive point of view, and her motto is ‘we are all worthy of living in abundance in every aspect of our lives’. Besides promoting a plant-based diet, Alyse is also an advocate for body positivity, inspiring people to feel their best and be happy with the way they are.

When it comes to her personal life and relationship status, Alyse is dating Addison, of who she often posts photos online. Being a YouTuber, she is also very active on other social media, including Twitter and Instagram, having more than 64,000 followers on the latter. Her daily routine includes waking up between 6 & 7am and making a fruit smoothie. After that, Alyse goes to the gym, where she has an intense workout session, She then puts her projects on the so-called ‘Passion Project’ list, followed by working on Raw Alignment, which includes filming and editing her videos, but also planning her future videos. Brautigam enjoys going to a local beach or waterfall, where she spends time and relaxes outdoors with her friends. She lives according to the rules she promotes, which includes eating salads and raw food.

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