Allegra Versace Net Worth

June 1, 2023
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Allegra Versace Beck was born on the 30 July 1986, in Milan Italy; she is a daughter of famous designer Donatella Versace and her ex-husband Paul Beck. Allegra`s uncle was Gianni Versace, after whose death she inherited 50% of the company. Since then, her net worth has only increased in size.

Have you ever wondered how rich Allegra Versace is, as of mid- 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Allegra`s net worth is as high as $900 million, an amount acquired through her involvement in the fashion industry, in particular through an inheritance from her uncle. Apart from being the director of Gianni Versace S.p.A, she has been working as a theatrical dresser in the New York City.

Allegra Versace Net Worth $900 Million

Allegra has a younger brother, Daniel, with whom she grew up, just outside Milan. She and Gianni were quite fond of each other, and as a result, after his tragic murder in 1997 when he was killed by Andrew Cunanan, Allegra aged just 11 years of age went to counselling to surpass her grief.

Regarding her schooling, Allegra was educated at The British School of Milan, after which she enrolled at Brown University, in Rhode Island USA, and then at UCLA where she studied French, art history, and theatre, in which she then had a general interest, but which eventually became part of her professional work.

When Allegra turned 18, she automatically received a sizable inheritance from her late uncle, including 50% of the Gianni Versace Company, and since then her net worth has been in constant rise, thanks to the success of the firm. In 2011, she became the director of the company, overseeing some of the most famous campaigns and products of the Versace brand. Year after year she has been more and more involved in the family business.

However, Allegra is also able to indulge her interests, combining art and theatre, as from 2011 she has been working as a dresser in various New York theatres.

Regarding her personal life, Allegra has quite active life; she splits her time between three locations, Milan, Soho and Los Angeles. She had few medical problems, including battling with anorexia in 2007; fortunately she has managed to overcome the health problems.
When it comes to her love life, Allegra tends to keep relationships away from the eyes of the public. She shuns publicity in general, prefering to live her own life as she wishes, away from prying lenses of the papparazzi.

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