Alison Sweeney Net Worth

June 1, 2023
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Alison Ann Sweeney was born on 19 September 1976 in Los Angeles, California USA. She is a famous actress, TV personality and director, perhaps best recognized for her role of Samantha Brady in the popular daytime soap opera “The Days of Our Lives”.

So how rich is Alison Sweeney? Sources estimate that her net worth has currently reached a fairly impressive amount of $9 million.

Alison Sweeney Net Worth $9 Million

Alison began her career as an actress at a very young age. She appeared in a “Kodak” TV commercial when she was only five years old. In 1985 she played her first television role in a horror TV anthology “Tales from the Darkside”. In the same year she briefly appeared in the medical television series “St. Elsewhere” and situational comedy series “Webster”. During her teenage years, Alison was a big fan of the daytime soap opera “The Days of Our lives” , therefore, when the seventeen year old Alison was asked to play the role of Samantha in 1993 it was basically a dream come true for her. Because of the show’s enormous success, Alison’s fame continued to rise together with her net worth during the 21 years she was a part of the show, until she finally decided to leave it in 2014. Despite the fact that Alison spent most of her career playing Samantha on “The Days of Our Lives”, she also managed to play minor parts in other TV series during those years. She had appeared in the cult sit-com “Friends” (in 2001), drama series “American Dreams” (in 2004), dramatic comedy series “Las Vegas” (in 2004) and the medical drama “Mercy” (in 2010). Since 2007 Alison has been known also as the host of the reality TV series “The Biggest Loser” which has also undoubtedly contributed to her net worth.

In addition to acting, Alison is also known as a published author of two books. Her first novel entitled “The Star Attraction” came out in 2013 and a year later she published another book, entitled “Scared Scriptless: A Novel”.

Predictably, all of the awards that Alison has won or been nominated for during her acting career were for playing the character of Samantha in “The Days of Our Lives”. She has won six Soap Opera Digest Awards – as “Outstanding Villainess” in 1996, 1998 and 1999, as “Outstanding Young Lead Actress” in 2001, as “Favorite New Couple” (with Bryan Dattilo) and “Outstanding Supporting Actress” in 2005. In 2002 Alison was presented with a Daytime Emmy Award which was actually a “Special Fan Award” for “America’s Favorite Villain”. It is known that in 2015 Alison should appear as Samantha once again in the special anniversary episode of “The Days of Our Lives”.

In her personal life, Alison Sweeney is married to David Sanov, a California highway patrolman. They live in Los Angeles and together are raising two children: a son Benjamin (born in 2005) and a daughter Megan (born in 2009).

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