Alexus Oladi Net Worth

February 15, 2023
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Alexus Oladi was born on the 4th July 2007, in Farmington Utah, USA and is a dancer and actress, best known to the world for her appearance in the reality TV series “Dance Moms” in 2016, together with her mother Tiffanie.

Have you ever wondered how rich Alexus Oladi is, as of late 2017? Thanks to her success in dance and on TV, authoritative sources estimate her net worth at $50,000 as of late 2017.

Alexus Oladi Net Worth Under Review

Alexus is the daughter of Tiffanie and Justin; she has a twin brother Alex. From the tender age of two, Alex started doing gymnastics and in no time incorporated dancing as well. Six years later, she joined Abby Lee Dance Company, and once old enough became a part of the mini-team, that was showcased in the reality show “Dance Moms”. Together with her mother, Alexus appeared in 18 episodes of the highly-acclaimed show, winning the attention of both producers and public, and was picked up for her own show “Giggles Talk”, named after her nickname Giggles, which increased her net worth further.

Aside from dancing in teams, Alexus was also a contestant in a number of dance competition events, consistently winning several prestigious awards and accolades over the last few years, such as Judge’s Choice Award at the Spotlight Dance Cup 2012, then National Overall High Score Mini Soloist at Releve Dance Competition in 2013, Sparks Scholarship Award at Adrenaline Dance Convention in 2014, also Dancer of the Year at the Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention in 2015, and most recently Hip Hop Crew Scholarship at the Adrenaline Dance Convention 2016, among many others, that only prove her talents, and assist the growth of her net worth, plus very likely helping her prospects in the entertainment industry in the future.

In several interviews conducted, Alexus has stated that she wants to become a dance teacher in her adult life, and will continue to pursue her dreams, although when still at the age of 10, who knows which direction her career will take.

Regarding her personal life, Alexus, though only briefly in “Dance Moms”, has already made friends with several other stars, including Elliana Walmsey, Peyton Evans, and Lilly Ketchman, and often spends time with them. She is also fond of animals and has somehow managed to keep peaceful relationships between her two dogs and a cat. Other aspects of her personal life are unknown in the media.

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