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April 18, 2024
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Abraham Charles Vigoda was born on the 24th February 1921, in New York City, USA, and passed away on the 26th January 2016 in Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA. He was best known for being an actor, who appeared in various TV series and films, particularly “The Godfather” (1972), “Barney Miller” (1975-77), “Fish” (1977-78), and many others. His acting career began in 1947.

Have you ever wondered how rich was Abe Vigoda? According to sources, it was estimated that the overall size of Abe’s net worth was $10 million and the main source of his wealth was his involvement in the film industry as a professional actor.

Abe Vigoda Net Worth $10 Million

Abe Vigoda was raised with two brothers in a Jewish family by Samuel and Lena Vigoda, immigrants from Russia. From an early age, he was interested in acting, so he started to pursue a career in the film industry as a teenager, beginning in the second part 1940s, when he became a member of the American Theater Wing. However, until the 1960s, he couldn`t make a breakthrough as an actor, until he appeared in several Broadway plays, such as “MaratSade” (1967), “The Man In Glass Booth”, and others, which earned him recognition as a stage actor, but his name was also heard in Hollywood, and in 1972 he earned the role of Salvatore Tessio, in the blockbuster film “The Godfather”, directed by Francis Ford Copola, which also featured actors such as Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in lead roles. From that point on, his career had gone only upwards, and so had his net worth. Some of the films in which he appeared during the 1970s, include “The Devil`s Daughter” (1973), “Newman`s Law” (1974), and “Death Car On A Freeway” (1979). Abe also had several notable roles in TV series, such as “Barney Miller” (1974-1981), and “Fish” (1977-1978).

In the 1980s, Abe`s career reached a whole new level, which only added to his net worth. Some of the characters he portrayed in 1980s, include Lyle De Franco in the TV series “Santa Barbara” (1989), Mr. Wiseman in the film “Plain Clothes” (1987), “Cannonball Run II” (1984) as Caesar, and many others.

As the new decade progressed, and he became older and older, Abe fought for his career as though he was younger, which helped him secure roles in such films and TV series as “Sugar Hill” (1993), “Fist Of Honor” (1993), “Home Of Angels” (1994), “Jury Duty” (1995), “Good Burger” (1997), “A Brooklyn State Of Mind” (1998), “Wings” (1996), “Law And Order” (1996), and “Witness To The Mob” (1998), among many others, all of which added to his net worth.

To speak further of his accomplishments as an actor, with the beginning of the 2000s, Abe`s dedication began to drop, as he was focused more on his health and well-being, so made fewer screen appearances, in films such as “Chump Change” (2000), and “Crime Spree” (2003), before he switched his focus to voice acting, landing several roles such as Penguin from Boca in the animated film “Farce Of The Penguins” (2006), and as Otto in the animated TV series “High School USA” (2013). Furthermore, he lent his voice to his character from the film “Godfather” in several video games, such as “The Godfather: Mob Wars” (2006), and “The Godfather: Blackhand Edition” (2007).

Before he retired, Abe`s net worth was increased by appearances in the film “The Unknown Trilogy” (2008), and “Sweet Destiny” (2014), which was his last appearance.

Regarding his personal life, Abe Vigoda was married to Beatrice Schy from 1968 until 1992, when she died. The couple had a daughter together. After her, Abe lived alone, and he passed away from natural causes in his sleep at the age of 94.

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