Aaron Kaufman Net Worth

March 1, 2023
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Aaron Kaufman was born on 26 January 1982, in Crowley, Texas USA, and is a mechanic and a reality television star, best known for appearing in the Discovery Channel show “Fast N’ Loud”. He’s also worked for Gas Monkey Garage for more than 10 years now, and has now accumulated significant wealth that allowed him to start his own car repair facility called Main Street Shop. His popularity both as a mechanic and television star has raised his net worth towhere it is today.

How rich is Aaron Kaufman? Sources inform us that his net worth is at $7 million, most of it has likely come from his salary as a mechanic since he is considered one of the fastest and best restoration artists around. He has also received a significant boost in wealth since “Fast N’ Loud” began airing.

Aaron Kaufman Net Worth $7 Million

As a young boy, Aaron found himself very interested in cars, becoming fascinated with big cars especially. From work trucks to farm trucks, he personally preferred pick-up trucks for their look and design. The first vehicle he drove was a 1968 Ford F100 which was his grandparents’, typically used to travel to and from the farm and for feeding the cattle. He officially learned to drive in his father’s Jeep Cherokee, and eventually honed his skills with the family car, a Toyota Camry. After he had his learner’s permit he would drive his mom most of the time, because he loved just driving the car. When he got his full license, he was given a 1990 Ford Ranger by his dad; like most of the family cars it was second-hand – they rarely got to buy a new one.

Aaron’s first experience as a mechanic came when he bought a 1984 Jeep Cherokee, and found out that the car’s transmission was worn-out, so he went to a car graveyard to get some parts, and then went on to a mechanic to learn how to install it. He subsequently mostly taught himself after bad experiences with other car mechanics, deciding that he could probably do a better job of working on the parts himself. He started experimenting, and would become a mechanic for family and friends without charge, as he used the time to learn and improve his skills. Towards the end of high school he started to work at Pep Boys, and repairing cars at his friend’s shop. He eventually found work at the Hack Shack customizing cars, and his net worth had begun to rise.

Kaufman went to Lubbock for college, but then realized that he really wanted to work on cars as a career. He met entrepreneur Richard Rawlings, who was so impressed by Aaron’s work that he eventually hired Kaufman to work at the Gas Monkey garage. They would eventually become part of the reality television show “Fast N’ Loud”, which debuted in 2012 on the Discovery channel; the popularity of the television show steadily rose, and with his skill and speed Aaron found himself becoming a high profile mechanic. His net worth continued to rise, and the show would help put him into the wealthy status.

Things were rosy for a while, but in early 2017 Aaron decided to quit both the TV show and his partnership with Rawlings, and branch out on his own. He has subsequently opened Arclight, a fabrication facility in Dallas, and become involved in a new reality TV show called “Shifting Gears”, set for launch in early 2018.

Not much is known about Aaron’s life outside of the television show. However, he apparently had a girlfriend named Lindsay but the relationship broke-up after three years. He has now been dating Lauren Moore Knob since 2013. In interviews, he really shows his love for cars and focuses a lot more on work than relationships or anything else. He only owns a truck that he rates average in terms of quality, since he says that he could never get the time to finish its customization.

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