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March 4, 2023
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Stewart Ransom Miller, born on the 6th of September, 1970, became known as Rhett Miller who rose to fame with his band the Old 97’s and one of the pioneers for alternative country music. He is also a solo performer and writer.

So how much is Miller’s net worth? As of mid 2017, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be $3 million acquired from his years as a musician which began in the late 1980s.

Rhett Miller Net Worth $3 Million

Born in Austin, Texas USA, Miller is the son and oldest of three children of Stewart Ransom “Randy” Miller and Ann Morwood. He spent most of his time growing up in Highland Park, Texas, initially attending Armstrong Elementary School, but transferred to St. Mark’s School of Texas when he was in 6th grade. He remembered his time at St. Mark’s as one of his darkest moments, because he was used to be bullied in the all-boys school. His depression even led him to almost commit suicide when he was 14, but instead he started pursuing music.

During Miller’s high school years, he joined various bands, and played in small venues. He also played as opening acts to touring artists like Chris Isaak and Rosanne Cash. It was also during high school that his love for writing emerged. He edited his school paper’s magazine and called it The Rag, in which he published his poetry. In 1989, while still in high school he also released his first album “Mythologies”. His early years as a musician helped set up his career, and also his net worth.

Miller briefly attended Sarah Lawrence College under a creative writing scholarship, but left in the hopes of pursuing a career in music full time. In 1990, he met Murry Hammond, and together they formed the band Sleepy Heroes with another member, but the group disbanded after releasing one album entitled “Under the Radio Sun”.

After joining various other bands, in 1993 Miller and Hammond teamed up once again and created the band Old 97. They recruited their neighbour Ken Bethea as their guitarist, and finally Philip Peeples as their drummer. The band’s first album, “Hitchhike to Rome” came out in 1993 under Big Iron Records and was followed by the album “Wreck You Life”. The band’s initial success helped Miller’s wealth as well as the other members.

In 1995, Miller along with the band received a major breakthrough after their sold-out SXSW show. Major labels fought each other just to have them signed, but decided to go with Elektra Records and released “Too Far To Care”. Their other albums have included “Fight Songs” and Satellite Rides”, and so the band became one of the pioneers in the alternative country genre, and successful throughout the US. The sales of their albums and tours also helped tremendously in Miller’s net worth.

During the 2000’s Miller focused on his personal music, and released a solo album in 2000 called “The Instigator”, followed by “The Believer” in 2006, and his self-titled album in 2009.

Today, Miller is still active in making music, with “The Dreamer” released in 2012 and “The Traveler” released in 2015 as some of his most recent work.

Other than music, Miller is also a known writer, with some of his articles published in Rolling Stone magazine, Sports Illustrated, and The Atlantic, to name a few.

In terms of his personal life, Miller is married to former model Erica Iahn. The two tied the knot in 2002 and they have two children, Max and Soleil.

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