Ownership, Funding, and Advertising Policy

Ownership and Editorial Independence

Since 2013, Net Worth Post has been under the ownership and management of Wolf Solutions Inc., a prominent online publisher based in Kiev, Ukraine, and a subsidiary of the Samba Investment Group. Wolf Solutions Inc. oversees Net Worth Post’s presence across various platforms, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and numerous other social media and news channels. It is crucial to note, however, that Wolf Solutions Inc. maintains a non-interventionist stance regarding the editorial content, ensuring that the editorial team’s opinions, site objectives, voice, and topic selections remain unaffected and independent.

Funding and Operational Independence

Net Worth Post’s operations, including editorial salaries and content production costs, are primarily financed through programmatic advertising platforms. Despite this financial model, the editorial staff, writers, and content creators of Net Worth Post function autonomously from Wolf Solutions’ Advertising Operations (Ad-Ops) team. There is a clear operational separation that ensures neither team influences the other’s work. This independence is critical for upholding the diversity of viewpoints and perspectives in our content. Our senior editors champion the representation of writers from varied backgrounds, ensuring that the objectivity and accuracy of our content remain uncompromised by any internal or external interests.

Advertisements and Editorial Objectivity

While we aim to offer readers a positive advertising experience, it is important to recognize that the advertisements displayed on our platform do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stances of Net Worth Post or Wolf Solutions Inc. Our commitment to editorial integrity is further reinforced by a stringent ethics policy that governs the conduct of all writers, editors, and contributors, ensuring that editorial content is never influenced by access or financial considerations.

For more information on our commitment to editorial independence and integrity, we encourage readers to consult our comprehensive ethics policy.