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April 18, 2024
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Lester Speight, better known under the nickname Rasta, was born on the 28th August 1963 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is an actor and voice actor, probably best recognized for appearing as Terry Tate: Office Linebacker in several Reebok commercials and for providing his voice to Augustus Cole in the “Gears of War” series of video games. He is also known as a former professional football player and professional wrestler. His acting career has been active since 1993.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Lester Speight is, as of mid-2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total size of Lester’s net worth is over $3 million, accumulated mostly through his successful career in the entertainment industry as an actor.

Lester Speight Net Worth $3 Million

Lester Speight spent his childhood divided between his hometown and Millersville, Maryland, where he was raised by his father, Walter Speight, and his mother, Gussie Watson. He attended Old Mill High School in Millersville, where he began playing football for the school team; he was also active in other sports such as basketball and track & field. Upon matriculation in 1981, he enrolled at Morgan State University, where he continued to play football, for the college team. Thanks to his talent, Lester was a Division 1 All American Linebacker. Right after graduation, he tried unsuccessfully to play in the National Football League (NFL), and he was also signed to the Baltimore Stars of the United States Football League; however, he wasn’t successful as the competition folded, so he moved his focus to wrestling. Thus, he began with competing for Catch Wrestling Association and Global Wrestling Federation until 1997, but achieved nothing notable, so he quit it in order to pursue his career as an actor.

At the beginning of his acting career, Lester appeared in a number of minor roles in such TV series and film titles as “The Meteor Man” (1993), “Walker, Texas Ranger” (1999), “The Young And The Restless” and “NYPD Blue” (2001), among others, which marked the beginning of an increase of his net worth.

In 2002, he appeared in the series of Reebok commercials as Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, which increased his popularity enormously, as it debuted during Super Bowl XXXVII in the following year. In no time, he was chosen to portray Calvin Scott in the TV series entitled “My Wife And Kids” (2003-2005), starring alongside Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell-Martin. By the end of the 2000s, Lester also appeared in the role of Blue Latimore in the Eddie Murphy film “Norbit”, playing Hugh in the TV series “Rockville CA”, and as Baphomet in the 2010 film “Faster”, directed by George Tillman, Jr. All of there appearances added a considerable amount to his net worth.

In the next decade, Lester’s breakthrough role came in 2011, when he was selected to play Eddie in the scientific adventure “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon”, alongside Shia LaBeouf and Tyrese Gibson in leading roles. To speak further about his acting career, he also starred in the role of Big Johnny in “Ambushed” (2013), portrayed Marion Casey in “My Dad’s A Soccer Mom” (2015), and most recently, he appeared as Vincent in the 2016 film “Call Me King”, and as Scary Bouncer in “Speech & Debate” in 2017. His net worth is certainly rising.

In addition to this, Lester is also recognized as a voice actor, who provided his voice to Augustus Cole in the video game “Gears Of War” (2006), and its sequels – “Gears Of War 2” (2008), “Gears Of War 3” (2011), “Gears Of War: Judgment” (2013), and most recently “Gears Of Wars 4” in 2016, all of which increased his net worth by a large margin.

Thanks to his accomplishments, Lester won an Action on Film, International Film Festival Award for Police Guy two times in 2013, and he also won the G-Phoria ’07 award for Best Voiceover for his work on the video games.

Regarding his personal life, Lester Speight is married, but other information is unknown in the media about his private life, except that his current residence is in Los Angeles, California.

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