Kristoff St. John Net Worth


Kristoff St. John's Net Worth as of 2024
$4 Million

Kristoff John is an African American actor born on the 15th July, 1966. He is well recognized for the role he played in “The Young and The Restless” in the role of Neil Winters.

So how rich is Kristoff? He is estimated by sources to have a net worth of $4 million as of early 2016, most of his wealth having been accumulated from his work in the film industry.

Kristoff John was delivered in New York City to Christopher John, an actor and a director and Marie also an actress. His career started when he made his TV debut in the ABC ministries “Roots: The Next Generation’, in which he played a young Alex Haley. He also appeared in “Happy Days” as Booker Brown, and in an episode of Bill Cosby’s show, playing the fiancé of Denise Huxtable. These contributed modestly to the start of his net worth.

Kristoff St. John Net Worth $4 Million

Kristoff’s first major role was when he acted as Charlie Richmond in the CBS comedy show “Charlie and Co”, with Gladys Knight among others. His major role in a soap opera was in NBC’s “Generation”, the first day time drama which featured pure African-American from its introduction. In 1991, after “Generation”, he started in “The Young and The Restless” in which he has featured to date.

In 2010 he starred in Kim Wayan’s pilot project, “Growing-up Wayans” and in 2013 in “The First Family” as a guest star. He has also finished a post-production feature film project 34 years in the making – “A Man called God”. All added to his net worth.

Kristoff hosted the CBS show “Soap Break” from September 1994 to December 1999. Then TV Guide Channel employed his service in 2005 as a host of “Close-up and Soap Secrets”. In 2007 he hosted the Pre Show to the Golden Globes, live on the red carpet on behalf of TV Guide. He is also the brain behind “Becoming a Celebrity”, a Hollywood-based DVD/board game.

In his own productions, Kristoff wrote, directed, produced and hosted a behind-the-scenes video series “Backstage Pass to the 25 and 26 Annual Daytime Emmy’s”, and a children’s workout DVD which starred Julien and Paris, his children. He was also an official spokesperson for Black Starz channel. He produced an Independent feature film, “A Bridge To Nowhere” which was budgeted at $2million in 2008.

Kristoff won the Daytime Emmy award in 1993 and in 2008 for his role in “The Young and The Restless”. Over the years Kristoff has as well won several prestigious awards at the NAACP for the same role.. In 1998, he was voted among the 40 most fascinating faces sampled by People Magazine. Kristoff was a judge during the 2012 Noor Iranian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

In his personal life, Kristoff has married twice, firstly to Mia Rosales(1991-95) with whom he had a son (Julien, deceased 2014) and a daughter, and secondly to Alana Nadal(2001-2007) with whom he has a daughter.

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